UniSync Team


As a Spiritual Center for Education, Practice and Service, Unity of Fairfax is a volunteer-driven spiritual community with a vibrant calendar of Unity Sponsored Events.

To coordinate, integrate and facilitate program planning for these events, the UniSync (Unity Synchronized) team was created to serve as points of contact and coordination for all ministries.  UniSync is made up of volunteer leaders, staff members, board representatives and the Senior Minister. Their mission is to create greater efficiency and coordination for all Unity Sponsored Events including:

  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Seminars
  • Fundraisers
  • Performances
  • Social Gatherings


Complete the form on the Book an Event page with as much information as possible. Once the form has been received, you will be contacted with a confirmation or if additional information might be needed.

For most Unity events, the following team leads are the main points of contact. For most efficient scheduling, please discuss your event with one of the team leads below prior to submitting the form:

These three team leaders are on the UniSync team along with Rev. Russell Heiland as senior minister, and Teresa Accomando as the Board representative. 

If you are unsure who to contact, email unisync@unityoffairfax.org and we will contact you.

The UniSync team meets once a month to approve requests for events.  Considerations include space availability, other events already scheduled, and alignment with the Unity of Fairfax mission.

The UniSync team reviews requests and responds as soon as the event has been confirmed or if additional information is needed.


updated June 17, 2019