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Submit Your Photographs

We invite you to submit your photographic "stories" for inclusion in the Image Gallery and Recent Photos.

A good photo gallery submission will have about six to ten photos - enough to tell a story, but not so many as to lose people's interest. So, pick your best shots that tell a good story. Give preference to photos that have people in them. More than a couple of "landscape" or "artistic" shots are probably too many. Also, think of a caption for each photo - something informative and maybe humorous -  laughter is the best medicine.

Finally, give the whole photo story a descriptive name; try to start the name with an action verb, for example, "Replanting the Green Roof" or "Finding Bargains at the Block Party."

Submit your best. Click here for the "how to":  FAQ - How to Submit a Photo or Album for Display on the Website


Last updated on December 25, 2022