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Here is what’s coming up for the next months with each presenter’s topic.

The Lenten Journey to Transcendence

February through March - The Lenten Season- Journey to Transcendence by Donna Lee and our Senior Minister Rev. Russell Heiland will be the focus of our Metaphysical Group. Though Unity and New Thought do not place as strong an emphasis on the traditional liturgical calendar as mainstream Christianity, there is still great value for us in incorporating and interpreting the holy seasons in light of our metaphysical teachings. The season of Lent offers great opportunities for us to grow spiritually.

The series and Study Guide has been created by Donna Lee who was instrumental in developing the small group program at Unity of Fairfax. During Lent Donna, Linda Powell, and Sam Lee will facilitate weekly small groups for study and discussion focused on a specific theme. Consider joining one of these groups if you have interest. Go to The Lenten Season: Journey to Transcendence for additional information and to sign-up for one of the small groups.

February 14 - Introduction to Lent and Unity, based on the writings of Charles Fillmore, the Co-Founder of Unity. We will begin to consider ways to transcend the isolation and chaos that dominated our nation in the past year. Linda Powell, Licensed Unity Teacher, will lead us in this metaphysical exploration of the meaning of Lent. Download the Lent Study Guide 2021.

February 21 - Kindness:  What does it mean to be Kind? How can we be more Kind? How do we teach Kindness? How do we "pay it forward"? Donna Lee, creator of this Lenten series, will facilitate our session..

Februay 28 - Generosity: The virtue of being liberal in giving, often as gifts. Generosity is regarded as a virtue by various world religions and is often celebrated in cultural and religious ceremonies. Judy Rodgers, co-leader of the Metaphysical Group and a leadership coach, will facilitate this session.

March 7 - Curiosity: Curiosity has its own reason for existing. The important thing is to continue questioning. One cannot help but be in awe when we contemplate the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. Donna Lee will be our facilitator.

March 14 - Trust: To live in trust takes a conscious connection to one’s divine source. Like having a safety net while walking on a high wire, it takes a sense of innate security no matter what is happening in your life. Sam Lee, a frequent small group facilitator at Unity, will facilitate this session.

March 21 - Forgiveness: Forgiveness is, in particular, the capacity to let go, to release the suffering…and betrayals of the past, and instead to choose the mystery of love. As the Bhagavad Gita says, “If you want to see the brave, look to those who can return love for hatred. If you want to see the heroic, look to those who can forgive.” This session will be facilitated by Linda Powell, Licensed Unity Teacher.

March 28 - Palm Sunday Equanimity: A state of being calm, composed, and balanced, especially in the midst of difficulty. We will discuss ways to cultivate Equanimity. Cindy Atlee, an organization consultant, and past group facilitator at Unity of Fairfax, will lead this session.

April 4 - Easter, Journey to Transcendence: In post-resurrection accounts of Jesus, he shared repeatedly the words, “Peace be with you.” How do we increase our capacity to be a peacemaker? How do we live in peace in the midst of chaos? We will consider these questions for this meeting. Judy Rodgers will be our facilitator.


April through May - Since meditation is a "practice," not a "perfect," we are never too advanced to revisit the basics of this important activity. This is where we will begin this series, but we will quickly become quite sophisticated while making advanced techniques easily accessible.

Over the next eight (8) weeks we will consider a series of short videos (20 - 30 minutes each) created by Andy, a Westerner who traveled to the East and became a Buddhist monk. Each video provides instruction on a particular meditation topic or technique, and then guides us through a meditation. When we complete the video, we will break down into small groups and discuss the experiences we had during the meditation as well as how we might integrate the technique into our personal meditation routine.

April 11: How to get started - What is meditation? Begin your journey toward a calmer, clearer mind by learning the basics and try a guided meditation that focuses on the breath.

April 18: How to Let Go - Drop that baggage - and let go of anger, frustration, and longing. This effortless guided meditation takes an easygoing approach to visualization.

April 25: How to Fall in Love with Life - Pause for a moment of gratitude and learn to listen to the mind. Andy explores ways to fall in love with life and introduces a reflection meditation.

May 2: How to Deal with Stress - Overwhelmed? It often begins within. Change this relationship to anxiety and cope with stress using a simple, powerful meditation technique: nothing.

May 9: How to be Kind - Release resentment toward others - and oneself - and learn to live with greater compassion. Andy guides a loving kindness meditation.

May 16: How to Deal with Pain - How do we experience pain? Be present without the suffering that feels unbearable and bring the body and mind together with body scan meditation.

May 23: How to Deal with Anger - Transform your anger into something positive. Andy discusses how a shift in perspective can be a life-changing tool when relating to others.

May 30: How to Achieve Your Limitless Potential - Open your mind. Andy explores why the possibilities are limitless with a consistent mindfulness practice and leads a resting awareness meditation.

Please join us for this series that promises to be both fun and evocative. No matter what your level of experience with meditation, this will provide you with humorous insights to use every day.

We are always seeking to find qualified presenters. Please let us know if there is somebody you would like to see!


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While Unity encourages spiritual exploration, the views shared by presenters and/or in these presentations may not represent the teachings of the Unity movement.


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