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Here is what’s coming up for the next months with each presenter’s topic.

Interfaith Studies

January through February - Interfaith Studies. Starting in January and leading into February, we will feature interfaith studies. We will learn the metaphysics for many different religions from the experts themselves. We will see what they have in common, and how they differ. Please join us for this wonderful and insightful series.

The world is indeed a richly diverse place, and that is not better illustrated than by the variety of religions (or faith traditions) that exist around the globe. We are dedicating the next two months to the study of other faith traditions. We will examine the modern thinking, cutting edge metaphysics for each tradition. We will cover Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha’i, and Judaism. We will examine both history/practice and theory/philosophy for each of these. We hope you join us for a lively examination and discussion about these faith traditions.

January 3 and 10 - Hinduism by Richa Agarwala. There is no single authority in Hinduism, but there is a library of scriptures. There is no doctrine as in something that must be believed to be called a Hindu, but it is not true that there is no coherence to the religion. Once understood, it is a very deep yet simple religion. The two things we will talk about to show that Hinduism is as relevant today as it was thousands of years back are what is “The Hindu spiritual journey” and what is “God in Hinduism”. Richa Agarwala is the Outreach coordinator for Chinmaya Mission Washington Regional Center and a Hindu representative on various forums in the Washington, DC metro area. She also serves as a liaison and a speaker for presenting Hinduism in schools, colleges, interfaith groups, or any community group interested in learning about Hinduism.

January 17 and 24 - Buddhism by Matthew Regan. The teachings of the Buddha present a complex picture of the world in which we live. In these sessions, Matthew will unpack the metaphysical underpinnings of the Buddhist view of the universe, how those underpinnings form the foundation of the Buddhist path, and how various Buddhist groups throughout history have used these insights as the foundation of their practice. Matthew Regan (Rev. Bup Hee) is a Dharma Teacher in the Taego Order of Korean Buddhism. He has studied Buddhist history, philosophy, and practice for more than two decades and has received teachings from all three living Buddhist schools (Theravada, East Asian, and Indo-Tibetan).

January 31 and February 7 - Judaism by Richard Ruth. In one presentation Richard will present Jewish Beliefs; the relationship between God and human beings; how people are to live; how the spiritual relates to the everyday; and what Reconstructionist Jews mean by “living in two worlds.” In his second presentation, he will talk about Jewish Practices.  The Jewish calendar and Jewish holidays; blessings and prayers; traditional and contemporary everyday practices; how Judaism views education and social justice; and “arguing for the sake of heaven.” For more information, go to

The Lenten Season: Journey to Transcendence, by Donna Lee and our senior minister Rev. Russell Heilland. Lent is a sacred period of preparation for what lies ahead, that being the Passion of Christ. Lent is usually thought of as a solemn period, but that is not always true. You can cultivate a deep sense of contentment and joy through Lent.  We move through each theme to end on Easter Sunday itself.

Donna Lee is a longtime Unity and Spiritual student. She was instrumental in developing the small group program at Unity of Fairfax and has been leading spiritual discussion groups for over a decade. Donna and her collegues are hosting this seris in an expanded form using small groups on Tuesday evening. Please consider joining one of the those groups where you will be able to discuss and understand more of the Lenten period. Each Sunday's topic will be faciltated by a different individual. Go to Lenten: Journey to Transcendence (A) - Online at the Unity of Fairfax web site for additional information and to signup for one of the Tuesdays session. Here are the subjects for each Sunday in Lent.

February 14 - Donna Lee will present Discovering a New Lent. The pre-Lent celebrations end with Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) followed the next day by Ash Wednesday on February 17. Discover the meaning of Lent in your life. Rediscover it as a valuable period of preparation culminating in the Easter experience.

February 21 - Kindness

Februay 28 - Generosity

March 7 - Curiosity

March 16 - Trust

March 23 - Palm Sunday Forgiveness

April 4 - Easter Sunday, Equanimity

We are always seeking to find qualified presenters. Please let us know if there is somebody you would like to see!


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