Journey to Unity

Information & Membership Class Manual

If you are reading this, you are either exploring the possibility becoming a member of Unity of Fairfax or simply wanting to learn about Unity of Fairfax or the Unity movement.

This web page and videos, and the accompanying PDF document Journey to Unity, Information & Membership Class Manual  are a part of our hybrid New Member class.

How does it work?  Easy!

For Information only

If you simply want information about Unity of Fairfax or the Unity movement, download or read online Journey to Unity.  It contains a number of useful links that you will want to explore.  Also, watch the videos on this page that will augment the content in Journey to Unity.

For Voting Membership

At Unity of Fairfax, anyone is free to consider themselves a member in the sense that they appreciate the programming of the ministry and fellowship it offers; however, the Bylaws require than anyone seeking to become a Voting Member must follow an established process.  This is because Voting Members have the authority to elect members to the Board of Trustees and vote on business matters of the ministry.

By choosing to become a Voting Member of Unity of Fairfax, you are making a declaration that you support the vision and mission of Unity of Fairfax and are willing to support the community through your active engagement. Engagement takes many forms and does not require the individual to be physically present which allows for anyone around the world to become a Voting Member of Unity of Fairfax.


Here are the steps to become a Voting Member of Unity of Fairfax:

  1. Contact Rev. Russell Heiland with your interest in membership. 
  2. Download or read online Journey to Unity.  It contains a number of useful links that you will want to explore.  At the end of each section of Journey to Unity, please complete the Reflection Question. 
  3. Watch the videos on this webpage.
  4. Participate in one New Member Class session (details provided by Rev. Russell)
  5. Be received as a Voting Member of Unity of Fairfax.

I look forward to sharing the Journey to Unity with you!

Warm regards,

Rev. Russ

What is Unity

"Unity encompasses multiple teachings and spiritual practices: you decide what to keep and what to use. We have no rigid set of beliefs one has to ascribe to and no doctrines to follow. Our purpose is to use and improve the eternal truth taught by the Master.  ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Unity History

"What is the origin of Unity? It started with the publication of Modern Thought magazine in 1889 (today called Unity Magazine) and with the stories of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of the Unity movement. In 1886 Myrtle was diagnosed with inherited tuberculosis. ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Unity Today

"The Unity movement is a force for good, with over nine hundred ministries and centers worldwide. The Unity movement has four main arms: Unity Headquarters at Unity Village, MO; Unity Worldwide Ministries; Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute; Unity Urban Ministerial School ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

  • Foundations
  • Principle 1 - The Nature of God
  • Principle 2 - The Nature of Humanity
  • Principle 3 - The Power of Thought
  • Principle 4 - Spiritual Practice
  • Principle 5 - Walk the Talk
  • Metaphysics and the Bible


"What does Unity teach? From my former spiritual center, Unity of Wilmington, NC: 'God is all, both visible and invisible, one presence, one mind, one power is all. This one that is all is perfect life, perfect love and perfect substance. I am ever one with this perfection.' ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Principle 1 - The Nature of God

"God is absolute good, everywhere present. That is our foundation. We believe that the nature of God is absolute good. The question may arise, 'What about evil things?' Those things are temporary. The good that God is, is eternal, it is permanent, it is the truth that we teach.  ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Principle 2 - The Nature of Humanity

"Human beings have a spark of divinity within them, the Christ spirit within. Their very essence is of God, therefore they are inherently good. Every one of us is inherently good. Mankind was created in God's image, and God called it good. Then it must be good.  ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Principle 3 - The Power of Thought

"Human beings create their experiences by the activity of their thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought. This is not to say that if something happens in your life, you created it. No! Through the power of our thought we ascribe meaning to what happens. ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Principle 4 - Spiritual Practice

"The power of prayer. Prayer is creating thinking that heightens the connection with God-mind and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity and everything good. This is the foundation of the Unity movement that Charles and Myrtle Fillmore discovered. ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Principle 5 - Walk the Talk

"It's not just enough to know the truth, you have to live the truth you know. As the Quakers put it, 'Give feet to your prayers.' A spiritual life that is active and engaged is one in which the individual takes everything that they've learned and puts it into practice. ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Metaphysics and the Bible

"The Bible is our central textbook. It is a collection of writings, written in different times, in different languages and for different audiences. It is a powerful source of wisdom and a source of inspiration. We read the Bible from a metaphysical point of view. ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Movement or Denomination?

"Is Unity a denomination like the Methodist or Lutheran Church? Yes! But the larger question for us is how do we identify ourselves in Unity? We prefer to call ourselves a movement, a movement of Spirit, a movement of consciousness that is ever evolving and growing ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Overview of Unity of Fairfax

"Unity of Fairfax teaches spiritual principles and practices that lead to peace of mind and the experience of oneness with the divine, other people and nature. Unity promotes public service, interfaith understanding and an inclusive world that works for everyone.  ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Continue the Journey

"The Resources section on page 16 (not 22) of the Journey to Unity guide has a list of resources about the Unity movement. Throughout the study guide there are links embedded within the material. Please explore those links to get a full sense of the work being done by the Unity movement.  ..."

- Rev. Russell Heiland

Last updated on May 29, 2024