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  • Once the form has been received, you will be contacted with a confirmation or request for additional information. Submission of this request does not guarantee approval of your request.
  • Be as specific as possible when detailing your event and needs.
  • Meetings, classes, and all other Unity events are posted in the Unity online calendar.
  • Rentals and Pinnacle Events do not appear on the Unity online calendar.

If you have questions, contact church staff at or 703-281-1767, ext 7000.

Last updated on February 7, 2019
All events at Unity of Fairfax are scheduled through the UniSync (Unity Synchronized) team in order to coordinate, integrate and plan our vibrant calendar.  
If your event falls into the categories of education, spiritual practice, or community service, your request will be routed through the appropriate team if you have not already discussed it with them. If your event does not fit into education, practice, or service, the request will go directly to the UniSync team
UniSync meets once a month to consider approvals, so it is important to submit your requests as far in advance as possible.
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Provide details about the Event to share with prospective participants. This will be used for the calendar listing and marketing, unless you provide additional information later.
Consult current calendar beforehand to avoid conflicts and consider how many other events are already planned.
Are you flexible with the Requested Event Date?
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If YES, please describe the cycle of repetition (example: Weekly ending December 1):
Event Details
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Are there special needs for the event. For example if the Sanctuary is being requested, do you need Audio/Visual support?
If there are special needs, select one or more of the four options.
Provide overall needs, as well as a list of explanations, one explanation for each of the Special Needs Details you selected
How does this event fulfill the Unity of Fairfax mission and goals?
If you selected Other, please explain
Is there a fee or suggested love offering for attending?
Describe the fees or the suggested love offering below:
Who is the facilitator and what are their qualifications and experience in teaching this material? What is the facilitator’s fee, and what is the split with Unity of Fairfax?
Who is the point of contact/event coordinator for this event? Who will be onsite the day of the event? If different from person filling out form, please provide email for event coordinator.
Will you be using volunteers?
If yes, how many? Are there existing volunteers that have already committed to the event? (Unisync does not find volunteers, but needs this information to make sure there are not too many volunteer needs at the same time.) Describe below:
Are there specific marketing requests, such as a logo or special graphics, connection to outside groups, ideas for publicity? (If you don't know yet, you can provide this later.)
If yes, describe marketing needs
Is there any other additional information to help the UniSync team make a decision?
If yes, please explain.


The congregation of Unity of Fairfax has pledged to be a “green” church. As such, kitchen paper products and utensils are biodegradable and compostable. The use of plastic bottles on the property is strongly discouraged; however, recycling bins are available to receive empty plastic bottles and containers.  Trash bags are made from recyclable material.  Recycling is church policy.  Outside organizations are to adhere to these practices when renting this facility.
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