Mission Statement

Building on the sacred service of dedicated and expert volunteer members, the Marketing Team strives to use and encourage best marketing practices.

The Team advises, promotes and helps develop a range of marketing, communications, resources, and procedures for the web site, social media, and other digital technology, as well as video, photography, and print media.

In supporting an active external marketing program, the Team promotes awareness and engagement between Unity of Fairfax, our local communities, and the Unity Worldwide Movement.


Since its inception as an expanded team in 2014, the Marketing Team has worked with lay leaders and staff to:

  • Create a new web site and upgrade it to the latest Responsive Design standards
  • Provide live streaming of the 11:00 am Sunday Service
  • Create social media accounts
  • Update welcome publications
  • Increase advertising
  • Promote special events
  • Support Unity branding
  • Maintain a professional resources list
  • Create a 2017 member photo directory
  • Create and maintain a Unity of Fairfax Communications Manual

Prior to 2022, the team was known as the Communications Team.

Prior to 2013, members created Storytellers, a video series of member testimonials, an extensive photo archive, and Lovelight newsletter.

Team Members

Three groups constitute the Team:

  • The Core Team is an umbrella group that meets every other month. The leader and scribe roles rotate each meeting.
  • Professional Resources Group members provide sacred service by assisting with short-term projects and may attend Core Team meetings.
  • The Website & Social Media Teams develop the Unity of Fairfax website and social media accounts.

Team members are usually communicators and marketers by profession, but anyone interested in communications is welcome. Training is available for most projects and positions. We welcome in particular congregants with skills in:

  • Graphic design
  • Marketing Communications
  • Online Research
  • Microsoft Office
  • Photography
  • Public relations
  • Videography
  • Internal communications
  • Marketing
  • Website creation, development, and management
  • Online and social media marketing, including Google AdWords
  • Writing/editing

Time commitment varies by project and role. Core team members provide an average of six service hours per month. Professional Advisory Group and members provide about 4 hours of service per year. Web Site & Social Media Team members’ service hours vary, with the Webmaster and social media account managers serving more time.


Contacts and Resources

To contact the Marketing Team, email:


Sharon Sobel
Team Leader

Steve Marcom

Amy Conley

Rosemary Moak

Cathy Kurvers

Gaye Newton

Peter Chapin


Website Style Guide



Last updated on September 13, 2022