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July 2021: How to Combat Weeds ... Gently


Spraying chemicals in the yard is a tempting shortcut for many a home gardener looking to protect a tasty crop or a bed of flowers. But weed killers aren't necessary, and they may be linked to health risks.

To embark on a natural plan of weed suppression, start by deciphering your yard's condition: Is it ablaze with dandelions? Taken over by crabgrass? You'll need to customize your approach depending on the specific intruder. And don't lose patience; finding the perfect solution for your particular weed specimen will take some tinkering.

A local organic landscaping company may help you develop an effective weed-fighting plan, and the nonprofit Beyond Pesticides offers a directory of companies that can improve your lawn in a safe manner.

Here are some strategies to help stretch your green thumb.

Embrace a Shaggy Lawn

Want to make your weekend chores a little less burdensome? Learn to appreciate longer grass. More ...

Make Peace with (Some) Weeds

Along with a little benign neglect, Sass doled out some tough love: "Get used to how your lawn looks with weeds," she said.  More ...

Try Hand-to-Hand Combat

If weeds are stealing too many nutrients from your lawn, vegetable garden or flower bed, start by hand-picking them.  More ...

Spread Some Mulch

Shovel mulch on vegetable or flower beds.  More ...

Carpet the Ground with Cover Plants

Ground cover plants will also choke out weeds.  More ...

If You Must Spray, Use Natural Products

Skip the herbicides. Glyphosate (better known as Roundup) is the most commonly used one.  More ...


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Last updated on June 30, 2021