EarthCare Wins Award

Unity of Fairfax and its EarthCare Ministry Team is one of five Unity congregations internationally to receive the Green Star Award for Congregational Environmental Excellence from Unity Worldwide Ministries.

The award was presented June 14 at the 2017 Unity People’s Convention in San Antonio, Texas.

Rev. Russell Heiland accepted the award from Rev. Karen Tudor, Chair of the Unity Worldwide Ministries Board of Directors.

The criteria for the award is the accomplishment of at least three projects in the last year which foster awareness of spiritual oneness with our Earth home and promote active care of the environment.

Check out all of the details here: EarthCare Team Wins Green Award.

EarthCare Actions

Pre-Labyrinth Beautification

Core Earthcare Team members Pete Clifford & Rick Hartley agree work is going well.
Core Earthcare Team members Pete Clifford & Rick Hartley agree work is going well


The labyrinth is complete as of September 2018!

View photos of Earthcare Team members in July 2017, beautifying the area where the labyrinth would be constructed: Pre-Labyrinth Beautification Album

People’s Climate Movement

Earthcare Ministry members at the People’s Climate Movement March in the
    nation’s capital.
Our EarthCare Ministry tells it like it is during the People’s Climate Movement March in the nation’s capital.

Aligned with the Unity of Fairfax Core Value on Integrity — “Our thoughts, words, and deeds are trustworthy, authentic, respectful, and responsible.” — we have kept our commitment to the Unity EarthCare Covenant, as demonstrated by:

Special Events

  • Conducting the annual Earth Day event
  • Conducting the very successful annual Winter Solstice Celebration
  • Representing Unity of Fairfax as a member of the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions (FACS) to collectively focus on local and state governments to take the lead in energy conservation and environmental stewardship.
  • Offering monthly the very popular Local and Organic Sunday refreshments

Education Projects

  • Providing earth curriculum in Sunday school (e.g., planting tulips and caring for five planters in front of the church)
  • Renewing annually our sacred Unity EarthCare Covenant with the congregation
  • Providing education to the community on Best Practices (BPs) in storm water management through tours and seminars to interested parties, such as the Earth Science classes at NVCC. We have been designated as a county demonstration site.

Earth Friendly Purchases

  • Purchasing new recycle bins for use in the Atrium and Kitchen
  • Purchasing new compost bins for food scraps and coffee grounds
  • Installing more native plants and trees, including nine new Dogwoods along Hunter Mill Road

Work On Our Campus

  • Sponsoring the Adopt-a-Spot program to maintain our gardens
  • Installing new landscaping under the Unity wall sign at the East end of the building
  • Maintaining and beautifying our Meditation Garden
  • Maintaining our grounds with organic materials and eliminating chemicals
  • Sponsoring the Spring and Fall Beautification Days
  • Sponsoring Summer Weed Pulling and Pizza Parties (oh yeah!)
  • Supervising the trimming and removal of dying trees on our campus


  • Producing the Unity of Fairfax monthly Green Insert to provide environmental news and local and church activities on such topics as energy, recycling, spirituality and environmental justice, FACS updates, and landscaping and local green products.
  • Maintaining liaison with the Saturday Farmer’s Market in our parking lot
  • Developing a pamphlet containing all 12 of the monthly Green Inserts to inform visitors and new members of the church as to what we do as a ministry
  • Conducting team monthly meetings on every second Monday 7 – 9 p.m., where all are welcome to come and share their ideas and energy about our five-sacred acres
  • Providing EarthCare representatives to the labyrinth team

Special Accomplishments

  • Overseeing the audit of the church’s electrical usage and bringing to fruition the total replacement of all fluorescent and incandescent lighting with state-of-the-art LED lights. This project will save many dollars from the church’s operating fund will reduce climate damaging emissions.

Would You Like To Be An Earthling?

As you see from the list of the EarthCare actions last year, we have many interests beginning with the care of our five-sacred acres, but we are much more. We sponsor and co-sponsor many events here at Unity and with other organizations. We are about educating ourselves and others on ecology, climate change, storm water management, providing a healthy environment for pollinators, green roofs, energy audits, conservation and wildlife protection, and gardening.


New recruits, Sharon Mulreany and Sandy Siles, have adopted their spots. You too can become an Adopt-A-Spotter. Our motto is, “There is no spot where God is not.”

Contact Linda Randall ( or Joanne Williams ( for more information and to select your spot.

Pete Clifford, Lead, EarthCare Ministry Email: or 703-273-8469

EarthCare Legacy

The legacy of EarthCare at Unity of Fairfax is on the EarthCare Legacy page on our website.

Last updated on December 2, 2018