Annual Meeting

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Please make plans to attend the Annual Meeting on beginning at 12:45pm On this page, you will find materials for the meeting, including an agenda, materials on voting items, and the 2016 budget.
  • We will not provide copies of any of this at the meeting
If you'd like to bring a print out to the meeting, please download and print at home.


Please contact the Board of Directors: click here

Page Contents

  • Agenda
  • Getting Your Voice Heard
  • Voting Item - Board Candidates
  • 2016 Budget


  • Welcome
  • Candidate Presentations and Voting
  • 2015 Successes
  • 2016 Budget
  • Plans for 2016
  • 2016 Nominating Team
  • Open Issues
  • Your Questions
  • Pray Out
Printable agenda: download here

Getting Your Voice Heard

If you're unable to attend the Annual Meeting and are a voting member, please consider asking someone to vote for you by proxy. Your proxy will be required to have a form signed by you, and you can download that form here. Please fill it out, sign it, and then give it to whomever is going to act as your proxy. Please note: members may only hold one proxy. Proxy form: download here

Voting Items - Board Candidates

  Millicent Eubanks
Millicent Eubanks
Download packet   Dennis Green
Dennis Green
Download packet  
John Kell
Download packet   Chip Roth

Chip Roth

Download packet

2016 Budget

The Budget and Finance Team, made up of Chip Roth (Treasurer), Dave Richardson, Dennis Green, Jody Ruth, Jeff Johnson, Dave Colburn, Dana Doten, Jenice Jones-Porter, and Rev. Russ Heiland, have been working to build next year's budget. On October 11, two meetings were held with members of the congregation to discuss the budget. The team continues to work on the budget, with the congregation's input. Below, you'll find the most recent version of the budget (Draft 2, Uploaded October 17). Check back for updated versions from now until the annual meeting. 2016 budget: download here
Updated February 23, 2016