November 2018 Annual Meeting

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Minutes from the annual board meeting: download here

The Annual Membership Meeting began at 12:30 pm.

All members of Unity of Fairfax were encouraged to participate.

Voting took place, so voting members needed to check in to receive ballots.


Please contact the Board of Trustees.


  • Welcome and Pray In
  • Celebration and Gratitude
  • Minister’s Report
  • Board Election
  • Bylaw Amendment Vote: Remote Participation and Electronic Voting
  • Projects: Q4 2018 and Draft 2019 Projects
  • Financial Report
  • Vision in Action 2019
  • Community Dialogue (Q&A)
  • Pray Out and Adjourn

Annual Meeting Slide Deck: download here

Complete Announcement: download here

Getting Your Voice Heard

If you’re unable to attend the Annual Meeting and are a voting member, please consider asking someone to vote for you by proxy.

Voting members who are not able to participate may designate a proxy per the bylaws:

  • Each Voting Member, in addition to his or her own vote, may vote a maximum of one proxy vote.

Voting will be for Board of Trustees and a bylaw change.

Proxy forms will be available in the Atrium beginning October 28, 2018.

You can also download proxy forms here.

Your proxy is required to have a form signed by you. Please fill it out, sign it, and then give it to whomever is going to act as your proxy. Please note: members may only hold one proxy.

Board Candidates

There are two candidates vetted by the Nominating Ministry Team running for the two open positions on the Board of Trustees:

  • John Dickman
  • John Kell

Both candidates will be attending the “Meet The Candidates” sessions after both services on Sunday, October 28. Both will speak at the Annual Membership Meeting. Per Bylaws, the presiding officer of the meeting shall “call for additional nominations from the floor.”

John Kell

John Kell

Download packet

John Dickman

John Dickman

Download Packet

Bylaw Amendment Vote

The Unity of Fairfax Board of Trustees is proposing an amendment to the Bylaws. Such amendments require a ⅔ majority vote of Voting Members at a congregational meeting. Notification of the vote must be emailed to all Voting Members at least 15 days in advance. The vote is scheduled for the Annual Meeting, Sunday, November 4, 2018, 12:30 p.m. (after the 11 a.m. service).

The proposed change would allow for electronic participation in board meetings.

Download written notice of the vote (including the bylaw change) here.


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Updated December 3, 2018