Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is held in trust by the membership to make decisions regarding Unity of Fairfax governance, developing policy, managing the overall budget, and hiring and evaluating the senior minister. In addition, the Board:

  • upholds the spiritual purpose of Unity of Fairfax ministry through long-range planning
  • establishes policy
  • determines and  conducts financial business
  • authorizes the establishment of staff positions
  • establishes fiscal conditions and operations of the ministry including financial disclosures
  • determines and elects officers of the Board
  • actively participates on committees as may be established by the ministry or by the Board itself
  • acts as communications channel, being visible and available to the congregation


Previous board membership.
Seated: Kathy O’Brien, Rev Russell Heiland, Laura Berry, Nancy Schneider.
Standing: Teresa Accomando, Millicent Eubanks, Gail Hughes, Jody Ruth.

The Board of Trustees has pledged to carry out all duties required by the by-laws of Unity of Fairfax. The Board oversees the management of the church in cooperation with our senior minister, Reverend Russell Heiland.  The Board develops and implements long-range plans to ensure a thriving spiritual community based on the initiatives created by the community. The Board is visible and available to the congregation and responds in one collective voice to all requests and suggestions.

2018 Board of Trustees

  • Russell Heiland, Senior Minister
  • Gail Hughes, 1st Chair
  • Jody Ruth, Treasurer
  • Nancy Schneider, Secretary
  • Teresa Accomando, Member at Large
  • Laura Berry, Member at Large
  • Millicent Eubanks, Member at Large
  • John Dickman, Member at Large

 If you are interested in learning what will be included in an upcoming board meeting agenda, or to contact any member of the board, please email:



Last updated on November 10, 2018