Prayer Chaplains are Available to Pray with Everyone


Prayer Chaplains, April 2019

In-person services and events are cancelled through 2020, services are live streamed and many programs move online.

When in-person services resume, before each service on Sunday a Chaplain will be available to pray with you. A Chaplain may be found standing by the Prayer Corner to your right at the rear of the Sanctuary. After each service Chaplains will be in the front of the Sanctuary and by the Prayer Corner, ready and waiting to pray with you.

Our Prayer Chaplains Will

  • Hold a sacred, prayerful consciousness
  • Listen lovingly to your prayer request
  • Pray from the heart, knowing the Christ within does the work
  • Release your request to God, knowing the healing, loving, peaceful power of Spirit is present at all times, in all situations
  • Hold your prayer request in confidence
  • Provide information, when asked, on resources for counseling or other assistance

Our Prayer Chaplains Will Not

  • Counsel or advise
  • Fulfill the role of a personal confidante
  • Discuss your prayer request with others
  • Make judgments about information shared with them

Prayer Chaplins, praying

Requirements to Become a Prayer Chaplain

  • Be a voting member of Unity of Fairfax
  • Understand and demonstrate Unity principles in day-to-day activities
  • Be an active participant in the Unity of Fairfax community
  • Candidates will be required to participate in scheduled training sessions
  • More training will be provided for new candidates than for returning Chaplains
  • At the completion of the training program, second interviews will be conducted to determine each candidate’s ability, commitment and preparedness to serve as a Prayer Chaplain
  • A dedication will be held at a Sunday Service in June to recognize those who will serve during the coming year

Contact: Rev. Russell Heiland:

A Prayer Chaplain’s Commitments

  • I commit to my own spiritual growth through a daily spiritual journey based on love, faith, prayer, and gratitude.
  • I commit to actively practice Unity Principles and Beliefs in my daily life.
  • I commit to expand my conscious expression of Unity Principles through class work, reading, discussion and prayer.
  • I commit to an active prayer life, both for myself and with others, as I hold a spiritual space of possibility, knowing and trusting that God is in charge.
  • I commit to express the desire and ability to actively listen to others and attune to their deepest meaning.
  • I commit to support the spiritual growth of others through listening and honoring their individuality.
  • I commit to having and demonstrating a genuine interest in the well being of congregants and other Chaplains.
  • I commit to be present for scheduled Chaplain activities on time, prepared and ready to participate in a wholehearted way.
  • I commit to hold all that I hear in strict confidence.

Affirmation and Blessing for All

        The light of Christ within me shines brightly in all creation. 
        The light of Christ envelops our world. 
        The love of Christ within me pours forth through the hearts of all creation. 
        The love of Christ enfolds our world. 
        The peace of Christ within me moves calmly through all creation. 
        The peace of Christ fills our world. 
        The healing wisdom of Christ within me heals and protects all creation. 
        The healing wisdom of Christ heals our world. 
        Thank you God, Amen.
Last updated on September 8, 2020