Labyrinth & Meditation Garden

Labyrinth Plaza

The labyrinth plaza garden is finished, all is ready for you to walk the labyrinth.

  • During the pandemic, both the Labyrinth Plaza and the Meditation Garden remain open. Please observe social distancing and safety guidelines.

Walk the Outdoor Labyrinth

Across time and across cultures, human beings have found great spiritual value in walking a labyrinth.  It is a spiritual practice that seems to be embedded in the consciousness of humanity. There is a holy calling to take a symbolic walk to one’s center and receive the gifts given there.

For many years, on New Year’s Day for example, a canvas labyrinth has been laid out in our Sanctuary. Members and friends of Unity of Fairfax have found great inspiration, solace, and clarity when walking the canvas labyrinth.

The new permanent, outdoor labyrinth is now open 24 hours a day. We will welcome everyone, from Northern Virginia neighbors and the world, regardless of faith tradition, to engage in this deep archetypal practice and to experience the sacred power of walking a labyrinth.

The new labyrinth also serves as a beautiful and inspirational reminder that although each person’s journey through life is private, ultimately we walk together in a spirit of oneness.

Rev. Russell Heiland

How to Walk the Labyrinth

Here is a useful resource for learning how to use a labyrinth:

Labyrinth History

The Labyrinth Plaza garden was designed by Rick Hartley, one of our Earthcare founders.

The Labyrinth Plaza History page and Photo Album tell the story of the vision, construction, power of prayer and beautification of Labyrinth Plaza.



Heart Haven Meditation Garden

We invite you to visit our meditation garden, located at the back of the parking lot.

The meditation garden includes many native plants:  cardinal flower, Florida dogwood, Joe Pye weed, mayapple, native ferns, obedient plant, sweet bay magnolia, Virginia bluebells, white trillium, wild geranium and woodland phlox. 

Electricity and a water feature, which continually flows, was installed through a BSA Eagle Scout project.

The garden is used for memorial services, pet blessings, weddings, the medicine wheel and solstice observations. It is a peaceful, natural place to reduce mental and physical stress.

Meditation Garden History

In February 2005, Rick and Anita Hartley moved to a new home and donated their garden plants to Unity of Fairfax.

Little did they know that two weeks earlier, the Prayer Ministry was inspired to pray for a meditation garden to be established on Unity’s five sacred acres. Pete Clifford and Rick Hartley, Earthcare ministry leaders, worked side by side for three months to create the half-acre Heart Haven Meditation Garden.

Updated August11, 2021