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Audio Testimonials

Individuals addressing the congregation and stating how Unity of Fairfax has made a difference in their lives.

Bill Jones

  • My background is, my dad was a devout Catholic, went to church every day until the day he passed.
  • My mom, on the other hand, was a devout Methodist Sunday School teacher.
  • I was raised Methodist, participated in choir, youth groups, vacation bible school, all the normal things.
  • Upon graduation from High School, I still had a lot of unresolved questions about the bible, about God.
  • Not sure what was going on. ...

Gertrude Sherman

  • God is my all sufficient resource, my instant, constand and abundant supply.
  • I know this affirmation to be powerful because I have used it ever since I've come to Unity, and it has transformed my life.
  • Through the years, ... I've been so grateful to be aware that God is my all sufficiency.
  • I rely on this truth in what appears to be lack or limitation.
  • Not only are Spirit's resources sufficient, but they are instant.
  • Sometimes, they appear even before I know that I'm in need of them. ...

Dave Colburn

  • .. I stand before you because of a girl.
  • My sister-in-law sang with this girl ... and it was Lisa.
  • We went on our first date and being smooth and suave, I talked about religion.
  • I came to faith in the Lutheran church in the mid 90's. And one thing I couldn't resolve was that I was a worthless sinner.
  • The message was great for me except I just couldn't resolve that part. Lisa mentioned Unity. ..."I've been to the Unitarian Universalist Church and it's just too bland for me."  "No, no, no!"
  • So, I went to Unity and sat in the back. ... Then I was honored that all those other people had shown up, and she (Rev. Donna) could talk just to me, right to my spirit ...

Kathryn Pett

  • Good morning.
  • I would like to start by giving you a little bit of context.
  • I was not raised in a religious tradition of any kind.
  • I was raised with moral values, but I had little understanding of God, spirit or other key Unity concepts.
  • So, when my world began to fall apart about five years ago, ... I was seeking a place where my soul could be nourished ... feed my soul ...  it has been a blessing ... opened up my heart ... the children's program is fabulous ... the bridge from merely surviving to truly thriving ...
Last updated on February 16, 2016