As we grow in spiritual awareness and understanding, we open ourselves to new possibilities for sacred service.


  • Sunday Support
    • Sunday Support teams ensure a smooth running service week after week.
    • Welcome & Worship Teams
    • Hospitality Team
    • New Members Team
    • Prayer Team
    • Audio/Visual Team
  • Community Support
    • These teams serve our community with communications, loving correspondence, help for individuals in need and internal support.
    • Loving Hearts
    • Helping Hands
    • IT Team
    • The Benevolence Fund
  • Communications Team
    • The Team promotes communications, resources and procedures for the web site and social media  as well as video, photography, and print media.
  • Compassionate Community Service
    • Unity of Fairfax’s outreach ministry provides our congregation with opportunities to contribute to domestic and international causes.
    • Collect for Kids
    • Food Bridge Program
    • Back to School Supplies Program
    • Holiday Program (Angel Tree)
    • Hypothermia Prevention Program
    • Lamb Center
    • Food Packing Event
  • EarthCare
    • EarthCare fosters awareness of our spiritual oneness with our Earth home and promotes active care of creation, in particular, our sacred church grounds.
    • Landscaping the many Unity of Fairfax gardens
    • Maintaining the grounds
    • Recycling
    • Encouraging use of green products
    • Hospitality
    • Preparing a facility energy audit
    • Maintaining the Unity of Fairfax Stormwater Management Project


Updated September 8, 2020