Social Justice


To inspire Unity of Fairfax to participate in activities promoting social justice, equality, and respect for all through education and action.


A committed community living our Unity Principles through engagement in social action.


Social Justice Team meetings are normally held on the second Sunday of the month from 12:30 – 2 p.m. in the Conference Room.  The team is meeting virtually during Covid -19 restrictions.

Contact the team at

Events and Projects

Current events and projects appear on the Classes & Events page. Examples of events and projects are: Unity of Fairfax Friday movies featuring social justice topics and discussions; speakers; and social justice rallies, lobbying, and workshops.

Affordable Housing and Immigration Advocacy

Team members attend meetings and conferences with local organizations including:

  • Congregation Action Network
  • National Low-Income Housing Coalition
  • Virginia Housing Alliance
  • The Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations
  • Virginia Poverty Law Center
  • Virginia Interfaith Center
  • and others.

Advocacy work in Fairfax County and Virginia:

Immigrant Rights

Working for these accomplishments in the Virginia General Assembly in 2020:

  • In-state tuition rates are now available for immigrants
  • Access to driver’s privilege cards
  • Legislation addressing wage theft, a chronic problem for immigrant workers

Priorities immigrant rights organizations would like address in the Virginia General Assembly January 2021 session:

  • Legislation guaranteeing paid sick days for all employees, which is supported by 83% of VA residents.
  • Legislation requiring that farm workers be paid the minimum wage and receive heat stress protections.
  • Improving the burdensome application process for driver’s privilege cards and address privacy concerns regarding Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s access to the DMV database

Affordable Housing

Current issues:

  • Research residential property assessments to determine whether there is any discrimination in the property tax assessment process in Fairfax Co.
  • Support direct assistance from the state of Virginia for people facing eviction or foreclosure
  • Prevent the eviction of millions (up to 34 million or more nationally) and many millions more facing foreclosure once the Center for Disease Control  moratorium expires on Jan. 1 and providing financial assistance to the many millions who no longer receive unemployment benefits and other forms of assistance
  • Support increased funding for affordable housing at the state level and in Fairfax Co.


The Social Justice Resources page has extensive additional information:


Updated December 15, 20120