Metaphysical Group - CR

Sunday, September 29, 2019 - 10:10am to 10:50am


This adult education class meets between Sunday services, from 10:10 to 10:50 a.m., in the library/Conference Room. Each week is different, often featuring a different presenter and topic. Some weeks are put together to create short series.


Here is what’s coming up for the next months with each presenter and topic.

  • September, the 29 - Exploring Jesus' Teachings, Linda Powell, LUT.

As Unity Truth students, we know that Jesus came to earth to show us the way to live through our highest Christ nature.  He taught in four different ways; through parables, miracles, precepts (discourses) and by his actions.  By exploring the metaphysical meaning of scriptures in each of those categories, we can learn to raise our consciousness and live a more Christ-like life.

  • October 13, 20 & 27 - Spiritual, Psychological and Wisdom Traditions, James R. Jones - Director, Personal Awareness Institute

The spiritual, psychological and wisdom traditions give us a framework to organize the great cultural inheritance of humankind and to highlight the most important aspects as they pertain to humanity's immense potential. We will start by exploring the frothy edge of spiritual evolution and notice our responsibility to be stewards of its future evolution. How can we utilize our transformations and collective coherence to usher in a great leap in consciousness on the planet? Our work is to find our True Self and to courageously bring it to the world with audacity, imagination, passion and grace. Then, we will truly embody a purpose-driven and values-driven life, overflowing with aliveness, love and energy.


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While Unity encourages spiritual exploration, the views shared by this presenter and/or in this presentation may not represent the teachings of the Unity movement.