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This adult education class meets between Sunday services, from 10:10 – 10:50 a.m., in the Conference Room. Each week is different, often featuring a different presenter and topic. Some weeks are put together to create short series.


Here is what’s coming up for the next months with each topic and presenter.

  • January 19: “What Can I Do for You Today” by David Roth, our musical guest. David will sing and speak about service to others in a lively and lightning-quick Q & A session. David’s been a full-time singer, songwriter, and (more recently) speaker for more than three decades.  He'll share his personal-to-global perspective on his path past, present, and future with a mixture of song, story, and inquiry. You are invited to participate in conversation and vocalization with a well-traveled troubadour who credits the 12-Step program as a foundation for his spiritual journey.  Join Unity’s 2015 Grace Note Recipient and the 2020 keynote speaker at the upcoming 15th Annual Positive Music Festival at Unity Village in Lee’s Summit, MO. David will deliver an encore presentation in the sanctuary from 1:00 to 2:00. This provides a unique opportunity to interact with David in a small group setting where discussion is encouraged.”
  • January 26: "The Role of Yoga in a Modern World” facilitated by Sister Brahmani, a monastic in the Self-Realization Fellowship. This class will briefly define yoga and the spiritual benefits that can be derived from regular practice, as well as the role it can play in moving the nations toward world peace.
  • February 2: “Hear the spiritual side of EarthCare, how it rose up to express Unity's belief in our oneness with all life" presented by Mary Brown & Casey Tarr. Mary and Casey will describe EarthCare's projects and discuss the history of EarthCare and spirituality.  They will engage Metaphysical Group members in generating ideas to create additional ways for our community to tie spirituality into our environmental activities.
  • February 9: “Keeping a True Unity Lent by Unity cofounder Charles Filmore” presented by Linda Powell LUT.  Remember that the liturgical season of Lent is just around the corner. This book gives a great set of daily prayers, readings and meditations for the Lenten period. You may wish to order a copy through our Unity bookstore.
  • February 16: “A Personal Journey into Social Justice and Spirituality” presented by Patty Hagan & Tim Harps. Tim Harps and Patty Hagan, members of Unity's Social Justice Team, will share their inspiration for finding their own call to make a difference. They will share insights on what moved them to follow a particular social justice issue and how they got started.  They will also lead a discussion of how one's own path can lead into service in a particular way.
  • February 23: “Introducing Adyashanti, world respected spiritual teacher and best-selling author” presented by Janice Collins Coyle. In this presentation you will become familiar with the well-known spiritual teacher, Adyashanti.  His background, best-selling books, and primary teachings will be discussed and Janice will also describe her personal experiences with “Adya” as he is called.  There will be a short video of Adya speaking on one of his main teachings so you can experience his remarkable and gentle presence


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While Unity encourages spiritual exploration, the views shared by this presenter and/or in this presentation may not represent the teachings of the Unity movement.