Social Justice team members attend meetings and conferences with local advocacy organizations.Organizations includeCongregation Action NetworkNAACPNational Low-Income Housing CoalitionVirginia Housing AllianceThe Virginia Coalition of Latino OrganizationsVirginia Poverty Law CenterVirginia Interfaith Centerand othersFor a complete description of this important work, visit the Social Justice page on our website.
In this season of Advent we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the rebirth of the Christ in us. We bring darkness into light.Please register in one of our three discussion groups to explore the four themes of Advent—Faith, Peace, Love, and Joy.Visit the Small Groups page for more information.OrRegister Now
Saturday, December 5, 2020 in the Unity Of Fairfax Parking AreaThe food drive will serve the needy and hungry of our community by helping to restock two local area food pantries. Would you be willing to donate a bag of groceries?Get more detail on the Compassionate Community Service page.
The Unity Eastern Region hosts semi-monthly combined gatherings for Uniteens (grades 6 - 8) and Youth of Unity (grades 9 -12).These gatherings are a great way for young people to connect with their Unity peers from throughout the region. Go to our Youth & Family page and look for Unity Eastern Region Youth.
One of the recurring questions we get in Healing Racism work is, "where are all the men?" Men have an important role to play in healing racism, but too often don't show up out of fear they'll be shamed and blamed.Visit our Social Justice page for more information and how to participate.
COMPASSIONATE COMMUNITY SERVICETo help address food insecurity in our area, Unity of Fairfax has committed to providing lunch on Friday, Nov. 13 for the clients at the Lamb Center, a day shelter for homeless people near Fairfax Circle.Our revised and upgraded Compassionate Community Service page provides more detail.
October 18 – November 22Rev Russ invites you to join the Awesome Autumn Abundance Program at Unity of FairfaxThe Awesome Autumn Abundance Program has four paths. For complete details and to enroll in the program, visit the Awesome Autumn Abundance Program page on the website.  
The Social Justice page on our website has been updated with a host of resources to promote social justice, equality, and respect for all through education and action. For example, on-going healing racism training in October with Milagros Phillips. Report from Milagros Phillips on Race & Healing: What have you learned?More information: Social Justice Resources - Antiracism .
The Social Justice page on our website has been updated with a host of resources to promote social justice, equality, and respect for all through education and action.Check out the Social Justice page.
TOTAL MEDITATIONPRACTICES IN LIVING THE AWAKENED LIFESaturday, September 26 AT 11am (EST)“Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there.”Presented by Unity on the Bay, join Deepak Chopra for a special online event which will include a talk, live Q&A and a special guided meditation with Deepak.With your ticket purchase, you will receive a free copy of his book shipped directly...