Read Me: Tips about our New Website

  • Be amazed: check out the new design on your iPhone, Android and iPad.
  • A new look and feel: simpler, more readable. 
  • There are many other features to support a more modern and image-centric web site.

Now, you may Donate or watch the Live Video feed by clicking the buttons in the upper right corner of any page of the new website:


Now, the footer of every web page has access to frequently desired links.

Note the links for

  • Newsletter Subscribe

  • Thought for the Day

  • Comunidad Hispana

  • Suggestions

Also note the link to Facebook is the left-most icon at the bottom of the footer, and the link to Amazon Smile is the right-most icon:


Now, within the body of a web page we can reduce clutter and page length by embedding a string of Inner Tabs to display information from related subjects.

For example, take a look at the four tabs at the bottom of the Live-streaming page.


Now, within the body of a web page we can reduce page length by embedding an Accordian Block which expands and contracts when the "+" is clicked.

For example, this display itself is an accordion block.

updated December 31, 2021