January 2nd Sermon - Master Class Lessons

Sunday Service, January 2, 2022

Summary of Message

On Sunday, January 2, I commenced a 6-week series of talks based on the book Master Class Lessons by Unity minister Ernest Wilson.

It's my goal that we "renew in 2022" our  understanding of the power of key Unity teachings, and this material serves as a perfect refresher course.  

You can download a copy from truthunity.net via the link:

In the first week we explored the capacity of prayer to serve as a tool for not only connection with the Divine, but as a primary component for manifesting our highest vision for our lives and the world.  Prayer allows us to expand our vision and see possibilities for good all around us, possibilities we may not have known were already there.

I hope you find this video inspiring, and invite you to join us next week at Unity of Fairfax!

Rev. Russ


Prayer for the Week

God in the midst of me is mighty.

God guides and governs

the thoughts of my mind,

the feelings of my heart,

and the acts of my life

to establish joy, health, and bounty

in my life and my world.

- Ernest C Wilson

Rev. Russ videos from weekly church emails are posted in his BLOG. You can find more information about the January 2nd service and Master Class Lessons in his latest BLOG entry.

 Updated January 6, 2022