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Walk to Fight Suicide, September 2019


Capon Springs Annual Retreat, September 2019


Dr Eben Alexander event, a full house on July 28th, 2019

2019 UWM EarthCare Green Star Award
Rev. Russ, Myrachael Monzon-Kim, Joanne Williams, Jan Hyton, Casey Tarr


YOU regional group at Unity of Fairfax Sunday, Feb 24th.
At front center with mic (gesturing) is Kyleen Moradi, YOU regional representative.


Extend a welcome hand to the new members of the Board of Trustees - February 11, 2019


Welcome new members to Unity of Fairfax - January 20, 2019


Bob McMillan at the streaming video console as the new members are celebrated - January 20, 2019


At Unity of Fairfax we have state of the art video streaming on Sunday mornings - we call it Sunday Streams.


Our new labyrinth - a wedding photo for Craig & Danielle Mehall, photography by Midd Hunt


Our new labyrinth - Rev Russ walks the walk


Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me ...


Unity Kids on Stage


Nursery is a special place


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