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Ordination of Rev. Ron Karstetter - June 20, 2021
Rev Russ Heiland, Rev Sheryl Myers, Rev Ron Karstetter, Rev Sandra Butler


 Elena really enjoyed seeing Santa on the unity livestream this morning, submitted by Lisa Escoto


 Unity at Night


 Congratulations to Unity of Fairfax, EarthCare Certified Church (Jeff Johnson & Pete Clifford)

 Meditation Garden is open during the period when church in-person services and events are cancelled


 August, 2020 - The planting in the garden surrounding the Labyrinth Plaza is complete


 April, 2020 - Amy Conley, Music Director, brings inspiration through music to every Sunday Service ... thank you, Amy


Easter Day, April 12, 2020 - Hello Easter Bunny - You bless our sacred space


A sign of the times: we attend Sunday Services via Live Video, April 2020


Unity of Fairfax Music


At Unity of Fairfax we have state of the art video streaming on Sunday mornings - we call it Live Video.


Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me ...


Unity Kids on Stage


Nursery is a special place


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