Awesome Autumn Abundance Program

October 18 – November 22, 2020

That's All Folks!

The program is over. However, know that our abundance can continue all the year long.

Autumn is the time of year in which we harvest the blessings of the earth

Metaphysically, earth represents the consciousness of physicality including not only the bounty of the fields, but the bounty of financial prosperity.  In the Bible* we read that when gleaning from the fields, a portion of the harvest is to be left for charitable purposes.  Although most of us are not farmers, the practice of sacred sharing is as beneficial today as it was in olden times.

I am inviting you to engage that sacred sharing practice by joining the Awesome Autumn Abundance Program at Unity of Fairfax
from October 18 – November 22

This prayerful prosperity program is grounded on the spiritual principle of tithing (rending one tenth of one’s supply to support spiritual work).  Tithing is a spiritual practice, not a requirement.  Just as with a regular meditation and prayer practice, the tithing practice can be a powerful catalyst for profound spiritual growth and development.

‘Freely ye received, freely give’"(Matt. 10:8).

The Awesome Autumn Abundance Program has four paths, so let Spirit guide you on which path to take!  You may be guided to continue on your path, or take another one, after the conclusion of the program!

    Path A – I will tithe 10% of my unexpected income to Unity of Fairfax
    Path B – I will tithe 10% of my income to Unity of Fairfax
    Path C – I will make special gifts to Unity of Fairfax in appreciation for non-financial blessings
    Path D – All of the above!

Participants in the Awesome Autumn Abundance Program will be supported in the program by having their names added to the Unity of Fairfax prayer list, through praying the Awesome Autumn Abundance Affirmative Prayer (below) on a daily basis, and by receiving special encouragement during the program.  When the blessings come – and they will! – participants are invited to share their stories with the Unity of Fairfax community. 

Abundance Testimonials

Read the Abundance Testimonials for examples of how this program can make a difference in your life.

Awesome Autumn Abundance Affirmative Prayer

Grounded in my knowing of the unlimited Good that God is, I open my mind, my heart, and my whole being to receive Awesome Autumn Abundance.
I realize this Good may demonstrate in expected and unexpected ways, and I am alert to seeing blessings in every situation of my life.
I joyfully share my good with Unity of Fairfax and hold the vision of everyone being as blessed as I am.
There is more than enough Good for everyone to prosper without the need to grasp, cling, or hoard.  
There is more than enough Good to manifest as peace, abundance, and respect for all creation.  
There is more than enough Good.  
There is more than enough God.  
With unshakeable faith, I declare this affirmative prayer through the power of the Indwelling Christ.  
Amen, and so it is!

Enrollment for the Program



* Leviticus 19:9-10

Updated November 23, 2020