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New to Unity of Fairfax?


Hello there! 

      Thanks for finding us on the Internet. If you are looking for a spiritual community of loving people, you have come to the right place. Our community is made up of people, like yourself, who have been led to Unity by Spirit. We are all here by “divine appointment” because we’re on a spiritual journey to become all that we were created to be. 

        Unity welcomes people of all religious backgrounds and beliefs. We welcome people of all creeds, sexual orientation and social background. There are no exceptions in our welcome to everyone. In Unity we don't tell people what to think; rather, we offer tools that individuals can use to create lives of meaning and purpose. It’s an exciting time to be here because positive, empowering  transformation is occurring! 

        Please stop by and check us out. You will find a warm welcome awaits you, and when you’re ready, we’ll support you in making friends and finding ways to have meaningful connections within the community. If you have questions, please contact me. I look forward to meeting you. 


     Rev. Russell Heiland


P.S. I have a weekly BLOG page. Take a look and if spirit moves you, add your comments. I will read them and respond.



What to expect on your first visit ~

     We recognize the uncertainty that often comes with entering a place for the first time, and offer these words to help smooth the way for your first visit to Unity of Fairfax.

     While there is ample parking around the church, you are welcome to use a designated visitors’ space at the beginning of the fourth and fifth lanes. A greeter will welcome you inside in the front door, where you have the option of making a nametag.

      If you have children, the greeter will help you according to your needs: whether to find the nursery, or the classrooms for middle schoolers or high schoolers.  Children ages 3 – 10 usually enter the sanctuary with their family for the opening of the service.  They are all gathered up front for a blessing, and then head to their appropriate classrooms just down the hall.  Our youth education director will ensure that you know which classroom to find your child in at the end of service.  Alternatively, children are welcome to remain for the service with their parent.

      To enter the sanctuary, you may use either set of doors down the hall to the right or the left of the welcome table; and of course a greeter will be happy to show you the way.  Ushers will greet you at the sanctuary door and give you a service bulletin.  At the beginning of the service, the minister will ask if there are any newcomers and (if you’re comfortable doing so) to raise a hand so that ushers may deliver a welcome folder and carnation.

      Our Sunday services are best summed up as “music, meditation, message.”  The music will vary between our in-house band (New Day), the choir, guest performers/soloists, and some congregation-wide singing which will always have the lyrics projected on screen. A guided meditation will last 5-10 minutes, followed by the minister’s main message. You can listen to a recent message or two from our archive of Podcasts.

     We invite you to join us after the service for coffee and light refreshments in the atrium. Here you'll have a chance to meet others, ask questions, and pick up materials about upcoming events and ongoing activities within our spiritual community.

 My Personal Perspective

by Karen Skelton

So tell me about this Unity place you attend; what’s that all about?

Download the document: A Personal Synopsis of Unity


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Last updated on November 19, 2015