What is Happiness?

Everyone wants to be happy, right?  But there really isn't consensus on what happiness actually is.  To some, it would be the possession of things; to others, the experience of love; to some it might be the knowledge that one's life makes a difference in the world.  The list could go on and on, and for each of us, the definition of happiness might change over time - or even over the course of a day! The word itself comes into English from the Old Norse word "happ" meaning luck.  Many people today wear good luck charms in hopes of manifesting unmerited good or to augment the good they already have.  I've come to believe that happiness is the result of realizing a key Unity teaching - the nature of God is altogether good.  This doesn't mean that bad things, difficult things, painful things will not happen in life - they do; however,  it means that now and forever I am one with my Creator.  My possessions, the people I love, the experiences I cherish, may come and go, but in the infinity of the Divine, my soul is safe, the love that constitutes the Truth of my being is eternal, and that life will go on. With that being said, I'm free to enjoy the manifest good of this life without having to cling to it for fear that I might lose it.  It's ironic that once people experience happiness, they then try to cling to it, which leads to them feeling fearful because they might lose it.  This is the origin of the Buddhist teaching that "life is suffering," owing to our attachments.  But, if we realize that every physical thing will come and go, but that the love that God is is eternal, we can experience happiness at any time.  And we don't need a good luck charm to bring it about! Peace be with you and namaste,   Rev. Russ