Vision 2020: New Exterior Sign

As part of the Vision 2020 plans for the future, Unity of Fairfax is planning to replace the current road sign with a new electronic sign that will  feature a scrolling invitation to the more than 8 million people who pass by each year on Hunter Mill Road. This is an opportunity to shine our light in the community and let people know about the progressive and open-hearted spirit at Unity of Fairfax.

The time is now for this sign, which has already been approved by the County.

Changes to the sign ordinance have been proposed which would not allow an electronic sign in a residential area (we are zoned residential), so if we want an electronic sign to communicate our message, we need to act before the permit expires in February 2020.

Donations for the Vision 2020: New Exterior Sign can be made online through the Donate Now button at the bottom of this page.

Also donations can be made by cash or check in a donation envelope and designating the exterior sign.

If you have questions about this project, contact John Dickman, Board Treasurer, at