Update to Website Menus

Where did the Calendar tab go? ... The Web Design Team has revised our website menu structure. The object is to group like things together to make the menu structure friendlier for first time visitors to our web site, and also to make it easier for congregants to find like items grouped together.

It may take a bit of getting used to up front. The Events and Resources top-level tabs are new and may feel strange at first. Browse all of the top-level tabs to see the new structure.

Did you know that each top-level tab also links to a page? Try it.  For  first time visitors who may not know that, we have made sure to have all main pages listed beneath a top-level tab. And we designed all of the top-level tabs to have a common look and feel.

Oh, by the way, you can now find a link to the church calendar under the Events tab.

The Web Design Team worked hard, there was much tinkering, to get the menu structure just right. If you have any suggestions for improvement, use the Suggestions form.