Surprise Abundance

I've gotten behind in my blogging - both written and video - but I'm happy to be back!

Today I'd like to share what is both an experience in mindfulness and prosperity - the affirmation for surprise abundance.  Here's why its both: 

Too often I, like many people, get caught up in the news headlines in the papers, social media, television and fall into the trap of thinking the world is going down the drain.  This isn't to say sad/awful/scary things aren't happening; apparently, since the dawn of creation these sorts of things have been happening.  The challenge for us today is not to become addicted to the negative news cycles that would prevent us from seeing all the remarkably wonderful things that are also happening now.

The affirmation for surprise abundance is designed to remind us to look for the good - and then share it.  A simple idea, really.  It does, though, require us to be open and receptive to noticing the abundance in our lives that comes from both expected and unexpected avenues. 

I invite you to affirm this prayer, and when "surprise abundance" manifests in your life, let me know about it.  I've designated 2nd Sunday of the month as "Surprise Abundance" Sunday at Unity of Fairfax, and would like to present inspiring stories.  So, let me know:

Affirmation for Surprise Abundance

I am a grateful and joyful channel through which the abundance of the Universe flows. 
My mind, heart, and my arms are open wide to receive blessings from both expected and unexpected channels. 
As an instrument of love and wisdom, I share my good generously with others knowing there is no shortage of any good thing. 
I affirm surprise abundance not just for myself, but for everyone. 

Peace be with you and namaste!

Rev. Russ