Rising Above Judgments

Spiritually-minded people often describe becoming non-judgmental as an ideal to which to aspire.  I certainly hold that as a vision for myself; however, trapped as we are in skin-suits on the earth plane of existence, this task sometimes seems impossible to fulfill. But that doesn't mean we stop trying. Interestingly, the dis-ease of perfectionism often keeps people for trying new things or striving for goals. The thought goes something like this:  If I can't do it perfectly, why bother?  In some sacred circles there's a mantra that addresses "why bother," and it is simply this:  progress, not perfection.  And after all, would any of us know what perfection is anyway? Knowing that I may not succeed in being completely non-judgmental, I can still use a a few spiritual "tricks of the trade" to make progress.  Give these a whirl:
  1. Be willing to ask yourself, "why am I having this reaction to this person/event/situation?"  Discerning the answer to this question may take some time.  You may not actually know "why," it's just an attitude or belief you've always had.  But is the attitude (judgment) truly something you agree with, or had you simply not thought to consider it?
  2. If you do realize you have a strong opinion of someone or something, simply acknowledge its existence.  The first step to constructive change of any kind is to simply acknowledge what is.  Don't judge it, just acknowledge.
  3. After you've acknowledge a belief and analyzed titto see if it truly reflects your consciousnessness, then simply become willing to have it changed.  Willingness generally precedes action.
  4. As far as what sort of actions to take to effect a construction change of perspective, you have to accept that sometimes change happens in a flash, and sometimes a fair amount of time is required.  Be gentle with yourself.
  5. Lastly, be willing to ask for help in how to unlearn and/or release unhelpful attitudes and judgments.  Ask the indwelling Spirit of Truth (called the Christ Within in Unity) or individuals you respect.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the willingness  people have to share - especially if your intention is sincere.
Don't be surprised if during your "attitude re-adjustment phase" the old condemning judgment puts up a good fight.  It's been comfortable in your consciousness for some time and may not be ready for a relocation.  So be patient with yourself and give yourself credit for doing important spiritual work that will change the world without and the world within. Peace be with you and namaste! Rev. Russ