Retirement to Refirement 65th Birthday Fundraiser

Celebrate the 65th Birthday of Unity of Fairfax on September 17, 2021:  

  • From Retirement to Refirement:  Unity of Fairfax at 65!  

Read Rev. Russ's multi-faceted celebration plan here.  

One facet of our celebration plan is a fundraiser to support our operating fund.

The pandemic has significantly reduced our event and rental income, so now more than ever it is important for maintain strong tithe and love offering income.

The celebration plan goal is to raise $65,000 in unrestricted income above and beyond regular giving.  

This amount represents roughly one month of our current operating expenses.

Here are some fun ways to support "From Retirement to Refirement" based on the number 65:

Creative ways to generate $65,000

  • Increase regular giving by 6.5% for the rest of the year (and beyond!)


  • Make one or more special gifts in the amount of $6.50, $65.00, $650.00, $6,500, or $65,000 - or $1,650 is OK as well - please somehow note “65” with your gift so Patie can track the progress of this appeal.


  • Partner with friends to pool money to make large gifts with a 65-type amount.  


  • Host gatherings at which ministers, board members and/or staff attend and make a pitch for our Retirement to Refirement campaign.  


  • Offer  a match for a matching funds campaign in support of the fundraiser.  (Consult Patie Wilcox, Dave Richardson, or Rev. Russell if you would like to engage this option)


  • Donate a high value item which the church could auction off with proceeds going to meet our goal.


  • The markets are doing well!  Donate 6.5% of investment gains since January 1, 2021. 


  • Sell items on Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor or other online platforms and donate 6.5% of proceeds.

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