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Three Day Event & Workshop

Watch Peter Russell's Introductory video, Is There Such a Thing as Enlightenment?


The Great Awakening: Bringing Spirit Down to Earth

  • Friday, April 25, 2014 - 7:30 - 10:00 PM

Explore the essence of spiritual awakening and its relevance to our lives today with a leading thinker on consciousness and contemporary spirituality.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the crises facing us are, at their root, a crisis of consciousness. We are being called to let go of self-centered, materialist ways of thinking and open to the wisdom of our true nature.

As numerous mystics, saints, rishis, and lamas have discovered, beneath our everyday consciousness, with its hopes, fears, plans and concerns, lies the natural mind, untarnished by the stories we tell ourselves and the roles we play. Here, in touch with our true self, we find the ease and happiness that we have yearned for.

Drawing on Eastern and Western models of the mind, Peter will explore such questions as: What is consciousness? How has it evolved? The full significance of our times. The heart of the world's spiritual teachings? How we can open to the peace, love, and freedom that lie within? And what do we really mean by “I”?

Watch Peter Russell's video, Seeking Self:

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Effortless Meditation: The Art of Letting Go

  • Saturday, April 26, 2014 - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

For thousands of years, spiritual traditions have taught meditation as a way to awaken to the happiness, joy, and love that are our true nature. Yet, many people find meditation tedious and difficult, a never-ending struggle to quiet the mind or focus the attention. This has led to the popular misconception that meditation requires great discipline and years of practice.

Peter Russell, who has been teaching meditation for 40 years, shows that the key is giving up all effort and trying. The mind in its natural relaxed state is already at ease. We merely need to let go of the seeking that keeps the mind busy and tense. The beauty of this approach is that nothing needs to be changed or eliminated. It is simply surrendering to the fullness of the present moment, and opening to the wisdom and love that we are.

In this workshop, Peter will guide us through practices that clarify and deepen our experience of meditation, allowing us to open more readily to the stillness within. He'll also show how to use our inner guidance in support of our spiritual practice.

Watch Peter Russell's video, Eckhart Tolle and Peter Russell on Meditation:

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The Primacy of Consciousness: A Science of Being

  • Sunday, April 27, 2014 - 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Western science has had remarkable success in describing the material world, yet encounters great difficulty when it comes to explaining the nature of consciousness.

Integrating physics, psychology, philosophy and mysticism, Peter Russell shows how we are on the threshold of a revolution in worldview that bridges science and spirituality.

All the pieces for this new understanding are in place. Nothing new needs to be discovered. All that is required is to put the pieces together and explore the new picture of the cosmos that emerges.

When we do we arrive at a radically different worldview—one in which the fundamental essence of the cosmos is not matter but mind. Many have claimed this from spiritual and metaphysical perspectives; Peter arrives at this conclusion using contemporary science.

Join Peter Russell for a stimulating session as he explores such questions such as: What is the brain's role in consciousness? Are all creatures conscious? What does physics say about the ultimate nature of things? Does consciousness create reality? Is there anything but consciousness?

Watch Peter Russell's video, The Primacy of Consciousness:

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