Prosperity Empowering ProgramSchedule

  • June 17: Gratitude
    Focusing on gratitude is powerful
  • July 15: Persistence
    Keep getting up...
  • August 19: Desire
    Do you REALLY want your goal?

All are welcome to join us for this newest offering in our Prosperity Empowering Program (PEP). Our PEP program focuses on prosperity and abundance across all areas of our lives—love and relationships, financial, vocational, and health & well being. Some PEP members focus on creating financial wealth, and others focus on building and enhancing relationships or improving their health. The universal prosperity and abundance principals apply to all these goals.

This series of 3 events are designed to do a deep dive into a specific topic area per session. Participants will pre-read recommended books/chapters in books covering the topics and be prepared to participate in the discussion as Jody Ruth covers the key principals, the reason why, and how to put the principal into action. Participants will have action steps to take for the following 30 days to experience and grow their practice in each topic area and really expand and increase their practice.

Each deep dive session will be held from 7–9 p.m. via webinar to facilitate participation from those that may be traveling over the summer months.