PEP: Absolute Abundance-S

Do you ever wonder why you're doing all the "right" things, yet your life just isn't working? Or why you feel that you don't have enough time or money? In this results-driven, tithing-based course from Rev. Ken Diagle, you will learn about abundance in many aspects of your life. The course is interactive, and includes a variety of excercises, videos, games, and other learning modalities to help you shift your consciousness to one of joyful prosperity. This class is about YOU! Tithing of your time, talent, and treasure is a part of this class. Come and unlock your fullest potential!

10% tithing component required plus materials fee.

Facilitated by Jody Ruth and John Kell. Sponsored by the Prosperity Empoweing Program (PEP).

Contact: Jody Ruth & John Kell, PEP Coordinators,