The Paris Accord, Part 2

The following statement has been issued by Rev. Donna Johnson, President and CEO of Unity Worldwide Ministries and Jim Blake, CEO of Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village,  The statement seeks to clarify Unity's position on the Paris Climate Accord.


June 22, 2017 
In regards to the recent statement issued by Unity and CEOs Donna Johnson and Jim Blake regarding the Paris Climate Accord, we wanted to take an opportunity to provide some clarity in an effort to dispel any misunderstanding that may have occurred. It was never the intention to make a political statement or take a political stance. We understand there is a wide spectrum of diverse points of view within Unity regarding any issue that confronts humanity.  
In this time of acute climate change, the entire world is impacted. That is a well-researched and documented fact. We believe it is imperative that all people (and nations) work together to try and reverse or, at the very least, reduce those human-induced conditions that exacerbate climate change. That was the original spirit behind the Paris Climate Accord. 
The statement released was meant to simply state we are in alignment with the spirit of the accord, which is to say we lend our support to an intention of nations working together to find solutions to better steward our planet and its resources. We must awaken to our interconnectedness, and pray for greater global cooperation in finding a workable way forward for all, independent of and beyond global and national politics. 
Working Together for Unity, 
Rev Donna Johnson                           Jim Blake
CEO Unity Worldwide Ministries     CEO Unity World Headquarters