Metaphysics 1-CR

Wednesdays, September 13 thru October 18 (6-weeks)
Conference Room
Taught by Rev. Russell Heiland

This is the first of Unity's four metaphysics courses that form the foundation of our theology.This is the perfect course for anyone new to Unity, or for veteran Unity members who are looking to reboot their spiritual journey. The textbook, Heart-Centered Metaphysics, and its accompanying workbook is available in the Unity of Fairfax bookstore and serves as the text for all four courses. This course explores some of Unity’s fundamental Principles as well as the highest form of mind action, prayer. Students will be encouraged to awaken their awareness and understanding of spiritual Truth in order to employ It in their everyday lives. Topics explored in this class are: Metaphysics and Truth, Life Is Consciousness, Spiritual Evolution, Building Consciousness, Our Purpose, Divine Will, Divine Plan, Divine Guidance, The Silence, Meditation, Prayer, and Praying With Others. Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute credit will be available for those desiring it.

Suggested love offering: $15 per class. Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute credit is available.

Contact: Rev. Russell Heiland, Sr. Minister,