Living With God

I am finding my way on the path of the Wisdom Tradition.  This path transcends religious boundaries, because wisdom is, in and of itself, an expression of divinity. In the fourth century, many individuals (both men and women) went to live in desert caves to pray and meditate.  Fortunately for us, many of their writings still survive. Fr. Edward Hayes, in his book The Ladder, recounts some of them in modern English, relative to our times.  This one entitled "Living with God" was written by a hermitess Amma Ananda.  Admittedly, it's a bit edgy...

Living with God

A disciple came to Amma Ananda and asked, "I want to live constantly in the presence of God.  Teacher, how do I do this?" "Become a cliff dweller," she said. "Amma, there are some cliffs in a canyon many miles from here.  Is that where I should go to live with God?" "No," she answered, "the cliff where you are to dwell is as close as your shadow.  Go, daily live there on the end of the grand canyon." "You mean the Grand Canyon?" "No, this canyon is not limited by geography.  You will find the truly grand canyon of danger and delight whenever you live on the edge, whenever you are out of control and not in charge, and must simply trust.   Dwell as close as possible to the edge of that fearfully deep canyon and you will live infinitely close to God."