Keep a True Lent - CR

The Keep a True Lent course wss designed by Charles Fillmore to be used in daily practice during the season of Lent. Each day has suggested Bible and text readings, a meditation, and questions about the material. It teaches the student to "Observe Lent the Unity denying ourselves not 'things' but negative thoughts and feelings." There will be 8 Sunday classes from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. beginning on February 11. Students will need to purchase the Keep a True Lent book and a journal. This is a great class for people who are new to Unity because it gives the student a sample of Unity Teachings. 

Linda Powell wil be facilitating this class, she has completed the Unity of Spiritual Education and Enrichment curriculum and has been accepted into the Licensed Unity Teacher Program. Keep a True Lent was the course that inspired her to join Unity and to become involved in Spiritual Education.

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