Joel Goldsmith Study Group - CR

“The Realization of Oneness”, by Joel S. GoldsmithThis ongoing study group explores the writings of the profound mystic and healer, Joel Goldsmith, an international teacher of practical mysticism.

Starting September 11 the group will study Goldsmith’s book, “Realization of Oneness”.

Ever since Jesus declared, “I and the Father are one,” the spiritual idea of oneness has been a theme favored by every teacher of mystical wisdom. This book, Realization of Oneness clearly presents specific principles to help the seeker remove every barrier to the experience of oneness and unlock the door to a life of fulfillment. Key to the realization of oneness is the Infinite Way principle set forth in the chapter “No And.” Here Goldsmith explains that we are dealing only with two things. One is the truth of God manifesting Itself, expressing infinite harmonies. The other is the appearance, suggestion, or claim of a selfhood and universe apart from God, which manifests as error in many forms—sin, disease, death, lack and limitation of all kinds. By seeing through the appearance, Goldsmith says, harmony is revealed. As we get still, quiet the senses, and let spiritual awareness reveal the truth of Being, we come to a state where we can rest in Oneness.  Realization of Oneness also serves as a definitive and practical work on spiritual healing. Goldsmith clearly lays out the principles of spiritual healing and shows how they can be applied in every area of human experience.

This group is facilitated by Janice & Charles Coyle. Love Offering.

Contact: Charles Coyle & Janice Collins-Coyle