James Hollis Workshop - S

Living an Examined Life: Wisdom for the Second Half of the Journey
9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Tickets are $20, Registration coming soon. 

Tiny, dependent, and at the mercy of the world around us, we all have to adapt, adjust, bury, and deny, split-off repress, and thereby lose contact with our own sovereignty and natural source of guidance. The core project of the second half of life is the recovery of a link to that source. This program/workshop will focus on twenty-one steps we may take toward the recovery of our personal agency, our personal authority, and our authentic journey.

James Hollis, Ph. D., is a Zurich trained Jungian Analyst with a practice in Washington, D.C. where he also is Executive Director of the Jung Society of Washington and author of fifteen books translated into nineteen languages, the latest titled Living an Examined Life. For more information, visit jameshollis.net.