Freedom to live my life honoring my divine potential

English translation of Hispano's blog: Libertad para vivir la vida honrando mi potencial divino

I recently had the opportunity to attend the "Spiritual Gifts" seminar facilitated by Ron Karstetter and Bowman Kell at Unity Fairfax. It was a self-exploration workshop in which, through exercises and meditation, the attendees looked for answers to the following questions:

  • Which service makes me feel happy?
  • Which service do I do well?
  • In which service do I contribute to humanity, to God?

Each soul has a divine purpose. Each one of us has been incarnated with capacities and talents to serve, to give. When we put our skills and talents in service to humanity and we work in what most fulfills us, the hours fly by and what we do we do it with joy. It is in that moment when we fulfill our divine purpose on earth.

During this month we celebrate the Independence of the United States. I invite you to think about your livelihood or volunteering, do you do it freely or to please others? Are you fulfilling / obeying the expectations of others? The truth is that if you are not happy doing what you do, it is very difficult to make others happy, even when you want to please them.

I invite you to look within and dare you to live your life free, honoring your divine potential.


Marangely Sandvik

I highly recommend this Guest Blog.

Rev Russ