How to Submit a Photo or Album for Display on the Website

Establish Width & Height, Reduce Image Size

  • Resize your photo to the correct width and height for display on a web page.
  • For example, 1200 pixels is the maximum width that will display on most browsers. A width of 300 pixels will allow text to wrap around your photo
  • The second consideration is that large size photos take too long to display in a typical web browser.
  • Please downsize your photographs to about 100 KB each.

If you have access to it, you can change the width and height in pixels, and also reduce the file size of an image using Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Other options are free online services:

For examples of how your photos will look on a web page, review the Elements page.

How to Submit Your Photo

Choose one of the three options: A - Send an email to and attach a photo with an explanation. B - Sign up for a free account with Dropbox, SugarSync, Amazon Cloud Drive or other cloud services.

  1. Upload your photos to any of the free cloud services.
  2. Copy the URL of the photos folder or an individual photo.
  3. Send an email to and paste the URL link into the email.

C - On the Unity of Fairfax web site:

  1. Select Suggestions under the Connect Menu
  2. In the webform, paste the URL from any of the cloud services into the designated box.
  3. Fill in the other boxes, giving a rationale for submitting your photo or album
  4. Submit the webform, and you are done

The web master will acknowledge receipt of your photos.  

updated June 8, 2016