Declaration of Financial Independence

On Sunday, November 12, I shared that Unity of Fairfax has been experiencing a noticable dip in projected income that started in August.

As individuals, we sometimes have the same experience, don't we?  What to do?  We use denials and affirmations.  Why? Because, as Wayne Dyer has said "There is a spiritual solution to every problem."  That's also the title of a book he wrote that I highly recommend.

A denial is a simple statement of release or letting go.  In this instance at Unity, I'm using this denial statement: A temporary shortfall of income has no power to prevent us from fulling our mission and vision.  And it's true!  In the 61 years that Unity of Fairfax has been in existence income has fluctuated, but our capacity to fulfill our mission and vision has not.  So I'm not giving this experience the power to take away my passion for the work that Unity of Fairfax been created to do.

The second step is the the affirmation; and have I got a good one!  What's found below is a modified version of an affirmative prayer for financial independence that a friend shared with me.  I tweaked it a bit to fit our vibrant spiritual community.  I hope you'll affirm it with me so that we can easily and quickly get back to the financial position we desire to be in. 

Our Declaration of Financial Independence

Unity of Fairfax is aligned with the Source of all abundance.
We are established in firm, direction connection to God.
We are inspired with original thoughts that assure our prosperity.
We are rich with creative ideas that we are willing to express.

Unity of Fairfax is God’s wondrous creation, filled with unique beauty.
What we bring to the world is ours alone to express.
The world awaits our willingness to bring forth greater Good.
Our worth is priceless; our value beyond reckoning.

Unity of Fairfax is willing to produce the Good the world desires us to express.
We recognize this unique Good that is ours to do.
We find the means to fulfill its manifestation.
All that is needed comes to us easily and quickly now.

There is no limit to the bounty that lies within us.
No one and no thing can stand in our way.
Life’s overflowing power rejoices in its movement through us.
Every obstacle is overcome as we are willing to be a blessing
to every person and every thing around us.

Unity of Fairfax is an infinite resource of blessings and generosity.
We are open and receptive to God’s Plan for our community.
We are loving servants of Good.
We give freely of our time, our talents, and our treasure.

Unity of Fairfax is loving, and we are loved.
We are an instrument of prosperity for ourselves and others.
Our vision blesses our world and enriches the world.
We are undaunted in our clarity of purpose.

Our faith is anchored firmly in God.
Our vision expresses God's infinite love for all life.
Our wisdom guides us to all that is required.
Our financial independence is now assured!

Thank you, God!