Why Unity?

I was recently asked, "what do I need to believe to attend Unity of Fairfax?" and here's my short form answer: Nothing.

Nothing?  Or is that no thing?

In Unity and the other faith communities of the New Thought movement, there are no "requirements" for attendance in the traditional sense of "you MUST believe THIS in order to be considered a member of the community."  On the one hand, that's completely liberating, because it gives the individual freedom for spiritual exploration and spiritual self-determination.  On the other hand, there seems to be a lack of structure, which, for many people, is very helpful in living their day-to-day lives. 

The thing is, there is a structure; but that structure in embedded within the individual, for at the core of each of us is divine wisdom, which, when accessed on a regular basis, provides the guidance needed to live a fulfulling life.  In Unity, we offer teaching and instruction, always with the understanding that the individual is free to take and utilizes what feels appropriate and to leave the rest.  Ultimate spiritual authority is found not by looking outside oneself, but by listening to "the still small voice within."

With time, education and spiritual practice, an individual grows in his or her capacity for receptivity to divine wisdom and guidance.  The sacred container of our community at Unity of Fairfax provides encouragement, erudition and empowerment to those on the spiriutal path.

Come join us!

Peace be with you and namaste,

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