A Prayer for Today

 I would like to thank ministerial colleague Billy Kluttz for sharing this powerful and empowering prayer posted by Extravagance United Church of Christ.  In light of recent violence, these words can re-center us in the consciousness of the living Christ Spirit in creation...


No, my prayers will not stop the killing.
No, my prayers will not bring back the innocent.
No, my prayers will not relax the gnarled fist of hatred.
No, my prayers will not open the greedy hearts of those who profit from death.

But, my prayers can gently break the silence of despair.
But, my prayers can channel my rage at the machine.
But, my prayers can embolden me to be the hands and feet of The Divine.
But, my prayers can encourage others of faith to awake, arise and act.

I do not pray for God to send us a miracle.
I pray for God to remind us how to be the miracle.

I am because you are and only together, with a radical belief that a paradigm shift is possible, active hope and faithful resolve to be the change we seek, can we make it stop.


~ Kimberly Knight, Minister of Digital Community