Metaphysical Group - CR

Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 10:10am to 10:50am

September Schedule

September 30  "Mindfulness Meditation" facilitated by meditation instructor and holistic practitioner, Neil Goodman, includes a Mindfulness Meditation

October 7         "An introduction to the 22 Proven Processes, from the teachings of Abraham Hicks, That will Improve Your Point of [Law] of Attraction." facilitated by John Kell

October 14       "Seated yoga", facilitated by Jann Weltman

October 21       "Divinity of Man", (from the Unity Awakening series) facilitated by Fran Patchett

October 28       "The Art of Thinking and the Spoken Word", facilitated by Donna Lee

The Metaphysical Group meets Sundays between Services from 10:10 AM until 10:50 AM in the Library Conference room.

The group explores ideas above and beyond the physical world. Topics vary from month-to-month with occasional guest speakers and presenters. Facilitators are encouraged to include time for group participation. We welcome you to join us. If you have a topic and time to prepare and facilitate, please let us know.


Nancy Star,

Aboul Mansuri

Dave Wiley,



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