How Can I See God?

A question minister's often get is "how can I see God?"  Well, here's an answer in the form of a poem adapted from Faces of God, by Gordon and Gladis DePree.  Peace be with you and namaste! Rev. Russ

Suddenly one day It happened.

I stood there in the crowd Cursing its density and anonymity. Angry that my feet had been stepped on And no one stopped to ask my pardon... Then it hit me. I felt the life flowing out of me Into the bodies around me, And their life flowing into mine. I looked into faces for the first time, Realizing that I was not only myself, But I was a part of them as well. They and I were expressions of the same force -  Life, Coming from somewhere, Housed in these bodies Looking out of these eyes... And I recognized them - These were the faces of God! An invisible God Is a very handy kind to have. I can't see God, And hopefully, the arrangement is mutual. It is like a small child Covering his face with his fingers And calling slyly, "You can't see me!" But when that invisible God Shines out of the eyes Of the faces I meet every day, There is no game of hide-and-seek. We are here, You see me and I see you. The game is over, And a new awareness is upon us. There is no room for tricks now, Or little games of deceit. And always about life there is this air of resolution, Of things having been previously decided. For I am as one Who has seen the invisible God In your face.