Guest Blogger James Jones: Would a non-believer be comfortable at Unity?

Probably not, but then true believers would probably not be comfortable either. Since its inception Unity has sought to navigate the path between religious absolutism and scientific reductionism. Finding insight from many faith traditions and using the strength of scientific inquiry, Unity seeks to provide a rich and supportive environment for an individual's developmental journey and the enhancement of community life. Many members of Unity find that they are balancing several developmental streams at one time (career, family, social action, and self inquiry). Each of these developmental strands has its own set of knowledge, beliefs and application, which are useful for while. But as Paul said in Corinthians “ When I was a child, I spoke as a child and believed as a child but now that I have become an adult I have put away childish things. Then I saw through a mirror darkly but now with clarity ". Unity supports individuals and communities in this constant evolution of consciousness (the process of transcend and include, e.g., transcend current beliefs/structures and yet include their strength/best practices). Whatever your current developmental inquiry, you will be supported in the progressive unfoldment of your life at Unity of Fairfax If you like to be around a group of creative, supportive and some what divergent thinkers, you may want to join us at one of our services or community events. We always welcome new partners to the dance. Also, join us to explore what may be seeking expression in your own life. As Helen Keller said: Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all. James Jones