Divine Audacity

 On Sunday, October 4 Unity of Fairfax launched Unity Awakening 2015 - our annual series of Sunday messages and small group study focusing on the work of a prominent thought leader in the Unity movement.  This year we're studying Divine Audacity, by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett.

In this powerful book, Rev. Linda takes the teaching of the Twelve Powers of Man, as first put forth by Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore, and updates it for the 21st century.  Rev. Linda is a gifted author and teacher and has done a remarkable job at not only explaining the concept of the Twelve Powers, but providing practical application of them.  I encourage everyone interested in New Thought teachings to explore this material through small group study, by atteding the Sunday services during the series or by reading the material on your own.

On the same Sunday we began the series, I spent a few minutes explaining a concept put forth the philosopher and visionaary Ken Wilber entitled "The Three Faces of God," because I think it's a priceless foundation for understanding both prayer and the application of the Twelve Powers. Simply put, the word "face" is used to describe the direction one is facing when perceiving divinity.

The third face is "everywhere."  We encounter the third face of God when we perceive the interconnectedness of all life.  Most notably in nature.  Prayer, in this context, is simply the observing of the balance of nature, of the relatedness of all living things.  It's the experience of having your breath taken away when viewing things such as the Grand Canyon, the auroa borealis or a sunset over the mountains.

The second face of God is perceived in the experience of "the beloved other."  This is the most common way Divinity is expressed; it's observed when we pray to God, to the Beloved, to Jesus, to the Friend, to the Higher Power - in other words, the "something" outside of ourselves that we all divine, holy or sacred.  Our scriptures are rife with examples of prayer to God. Sometimes this "other" is benevolent, kind, all-merciful, loving.  Unfortunately, sometimes this "other" is vengeful, murderous, and just plain mean.  Many people leave faith communities becasue of theologies that project the worst human traits onto God.

The first face of God is perceived in the experience of "Christ within," or the indwelling divine.  This is where Unity is at home. Our theology is built upon what Paul referrst to in Colossians 1:27 "Christ in you, the hope of glory."  Prayer from this vantage point is prayer "from God," not "to God."  We pray from the awareness that "wherever we are, God is."

The goal of Divine Audacity is to strengthen our awareness of this same inner divinity and to live audaciously vibrant lives as individuals truly connected to this inner divinity.  This is not to abrogate or denigrate the other two "faces," but rather to highlight that empowered individuals regularly access their internal power to live lifes of both confidence and compassion. Spiritually-based empowerment leads one to want everyone to have a fulfilling life, and to this end, compassion for others is a vital part.

So, let's commit to audacious living!

Peace be with you and namaste,

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