From Apathy to Action - Online

This transformation of consciousness class will include discussions and videos on what we can do to move ourselves and this country from systemic racism to systemic love.

This will be explored through discussions, videos, and journaling.

What can participants expect?

  • Awareness that racism is real and a problem in the United States of America.
  • Recognize that racism impacts and harms everyone, without exception.
  • Acknowledgement that:
    • a White person, I’ve played a part in racism, and benefited from white privilege and white supremacy, even if I didn’t realize it.
    • a person of color, I may have negative ideas about White people and the races of other people of color.
  • Review American history, especially what we weren’t taught in school about racism.
  • To become an aspiring Anti-Racist, and to commit—now that I know better—to do better every day. This includes having conversations about race and taking action.
  • Learn actions and steps to interrupt/end racist practices, and options to do so.
  • Be aware that every time I leave my home may be a time I’m called to action.

Course Materials

Participants will be required to purchase the book The Racial Healing Handbook, by Anneliese A. Singh, Ph.D., LPC.

Participants will also get a list of resources to continue their education.

Schedule Overview

  • This 7-week class will be conducted on Zoom on Mondays from 7–9 p.m. ET. 
  • It will be held from September 20 through November 8. 
  • There will be a bonus class on November 15. 
  • We will not meet on October 11, Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 
  • This class is also being presented at the same time at Unity of Albuquerque. At least one class will meet in conjunction with that group.


From Apathy To Action Video

About the Facilitator

Patty HaganPatty Hagan spent over 30 years working in Federal Equal Employment Opportunity programs retiring as the Diversity Manager for the U.S. Geological Survey. During that time, she taught numerous classes in EEO and diversity. She is also a certified life coach with the Co-Active Training Institute and is pursuing another coaching certification through Evolving Wisdom’s Feminine Power program.

During the past 14 months she has taken several classes on racism with the intention of developing workshops and coaching programs on healing racism. She’s continuing to take classes from various sources including AGNT, The Antiracism Institute, Milagros Phillips, and Amanda Kemp, Ph.D. She’s also actively involved with Feminine Power’s international mastermind group on healing racism.