SpiritMind - S

Friday, May 1, 2020 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Spirit Mind

SpiritMind is a mind-body-heart-spirit experience and gathering, where participants are guided in co-creating a sacred space with others through various spiritual practices, such as chanting, singing, meditating, drumming, and mindful moving, in order to experience a felt sense of Spirit. Facilitated by a group of experienced chant, drum, song, and meditation leaders, participants have the opportunity to encounter and experience the peace and joy of being fully present—heart, mind and body—with spirit.

It is a great way to start or deepen your spiritual practice, while experiencing the Divine flow through movement and sound, perhaps in new and beautiful ways.

All are welcome regardless of experience with Unity and/or meditation and other contemplative practices and regardless of religious belief system and background.

Cost: $20.00

Tickets may be purchased at the door, or via this link:

Contact: Becky Bruner, becky.bruner@gmail.com