Adyashanti Study Group - Online

Book cover: “Adyashanti – the most important thing: DISCOVERING TRUTH AT THE HEART OF LIFE”

NOTICE: Meetings Online during Social Distancing

This group will be meeting online via Zoom on the regularly scheduled dates until there is no longer a need for social distancing. 

This bi-weekly group will study the teachings of awakened American teacher, Adyashanti, using books, videos, interviews, and resources from his worldwide community.

The current book is The Most Important Thing: Discovering Truth at the Heart of Life.

Love Offering accepted. 

Contact: Janice Collins-Coyle (


About Adyashanti

Adyashanti is an awakened American teacher.  His books have been translated in many languages and he has students in 120 countries.  “Adya”, as he is known to his students, is very popular and a beautiful spiritual teacher.

Adya has many resources we will be using, including audio, videos, articles, and letters, many interesting interviews, and his books.  

Quoting from his website:

Adyashanti offers teachings that are free of any tradition or ideology.  He says, “The Truth I point to is not confined within any religious point of view, belief system, or doctrine.”  His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence.