Good Friday Service - S

How Does Unity Commemorate Good Friday?

The Good Friday service at Unity of Fairfax will present a New Thought interpretation of the traditional Tenebrae service which features what is known as “the seven last words of Christ.”  This will be a moving and meaningful part of the Holy Week experience.

In Keep a True Lent, Charles Fillmore explains Good Friday this way:

“AFTER His resurrection Jesus did not refer to the events of His crucifixion but walked with, talked with, and taught His apostles as though the event had never taken place. There was no word from Him of vindication, of revenge, of retaliation, only love for humanity."

When we remember this on Good Friday we do not allow ourselves to become weighed down by the sadness of the day. We lift our thoughts above the Crucifixion and see it as "the valley of the shadow of death" that Jesus passed through victoriously.

We do not wait until Easter Sunday to say, "He is risen!" We rejoice on Good Friday in the risen Christ, in the living Christ!

Our message to you on Good Friday is:

"Fear not. God is with you at all times, through all experiences. Through Christ in you, you are an overcomer. You are able to say to every appearance of evil or negation, 'It is finished,' and rise to new life in God.”