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Spiritual Retreat

Currently I'm away on a clergy spiritual retreat offered through the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation based out of Washington, DC.  There are 12 clergy in attendance from various Christian denominations. In their 27 year history, I'm the first Unity minister.

Healing Happens

 On two consecutive Sundays, June 28 and July 5 those in attendance at Unity of Fairfax heard stories of physical healings.  The first on June 28 was from Carolee Egan who was told at the beginning of the year she had five months to live; the second was from Janice Collins Coyle, who, though not given any particular time frame was facing a perilous journey.  Fortunately for them - and us - alll tests now reveal no trace of disease.  They've been healed.


 It was autumn 1992, and the NAMES Project AIDS quilt was on public display on the National Mall for the last time.  Sadly, it had grown so large that displaying it again in its wholeness would be untenable.  Each panel of the quilt represented an individual who died as a result of complications from HIV/AIDS.  Currently more the 48,000 panels have been created.

When Death Comes

When a loved one dies I'm often asked, "why did this have to happen?"  One answer is fairly obvious:  from the day we're born, our death is inevitable; but that's hardly a consolation.  Why is it that some people live to be past 100 years old, and others only survive a few hours.  Why is it that kind and generous people sometimes die while they're raising families or making meaningful contributions?  Why is it that sometimes people die from bizarre accidents or senseless acts of violence?

God Is All

On Sunday, May 31 I shared a few words from my Unity past that have contuined to inspire and sustain me for over 25 years.  These words were the "Opening Statement" we used at Unity Christ Church of Wimington, NC that opened the Sunday services at that ministry for many years.  There are as follows:

God is All

Both Visible and Invisible

Plato or Play-do?

 At last night's "Background of New Thought" class, we spent some time examining an idea put forth by the ancient Greek philopsopher Plato called "forms."  According to Plato, everything that exists in the material world has a correspending perfect ideal - "form" - that exists in the immaterial world.

What is New Thought

 Last night at Unity of Fairfax we started a 5-week adventure called "Background of New Thought," a spiritual education and enrichment class that explores the origins of not only Unity but other related spiritual movements.  These movements include, but are not limited to, Christian Science, Divine Science, Science of Mind, Centers for Spiritual Living, Theosophy, and Unitarian-Universalism.

How APP-propriate!

I love Silent Unity!  For 24 hours a day since 1890, Silent Unity has been in continual prayer for any concern or gratitude that anyone might have.  Initially the work was done in person, then through paper letters, then via telephone, then via email and through its website, and now, yes, there's Silent Unity app for smart phones called "uPray."  It's true!  


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